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Dr. Tyler Elmore

Board Member, Director of Operations

Tyler completed his pre-med studies at Weber State University, his Doctoral studies at Logan University (St. Louis, Missouri), and an internship in Chicago, Illinois. He has more than 22 years of experience in private practice and has built two successful clinics in Syracuse, Utah. At the age of 19, Tyler was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. In his quest to learn as much as he could about his condition, he felt a compelling desire to also help others who were suffering – committing to a lifelong work of helping people.

Tyler and his wife Kristin are the proud parents of four children and two sons-in-law. He enjoys spending time with his family, with hobbies that include traveling, scuba diving, boating, jiu jitsu, and ATV/dirt bike riding. He has completed over one hundred triathlons (including two Ironman races).  Over the years, his travels have taken him all over the globe, where he has been a first-hand witness to extreme poverty. He has a deep desire to help others improve their circumstance and is driven to impact in a positive way. Tyler has scaled back his clinical hours to help establish and found Become More, where he plans on devoting the rest of his life to help alleviate extreme poverty and promote the cause of Becoming More.