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Economic Development

Become More offers the transformative Fat Cow Program, providing families in extreme poverty with a pathway to prosperity. Through modern ranching techniques, business skills, and comprehensive support, participants experience positive outcomes, creating a promising pathway out of poverty.

Escaping the Poverty Trap

In extreme poverty, families often lack the means to improve their circumstances or save for the future. Become More offers a pathway to prosperity through our transformative Fat Cow Program. This initiative equips participants with modern ranching techniques, business skills, and the capital startup required to establish a sustainable ranch.

Our Become More animal husbandry program provides the education, training, and support needed in order to produce healthy cows. These cows provide a sustainable solution to ending extreme poverty – enabling families to dramatically improve their capacity to earn, save, and experience economic development.

Our commitment goes beyond providing cows to households. We construct household ranches, install water wells, administer effective vaccinations, supply nutritious feed, and provide comprehensive animal husbandry education. With this comprehensive support, participants experience shorter gestational periods, lower breeding ages, reduced mortality rates, and remarkable weight gain in their animals. This integrated approach significantly increases the number of calves produced, creating a promising pathway out of poverty. As families break free from poverty, they set into motion a perpetual process whereby other families are able to make the climb out of extreme poverty. Join the Become More movement by helping to set this process in motion. 



Daily Time Requirement: 4+ Hours

Breeding Age: 4 Years

Gestational Period: 20 Months

4-Year Survival Rate: 58%

Total Number of Offspring Produced: <6


Daily Time Requirement: 30 Minutes

Breeding Age: 2 Years

Gestational Period: 9.5 Months

4-Year Survival Rate: 98%

Total Number of Offspring Produced: 12


Through the Become More Fat Cow program, we are fostering sustainable development for households. As participating households begin to experience the benefits of this model, such as increased income and savings, a ripple effect of improved financial stability and sustainable practices generates perpetual benefits that spread to other members of the community. The result is a sustainable cycle of development that lifts entire communities out of extreme poverty. Our program is designed to create lasting change and empower communities to thrive, transforming lives and helping families Become More.