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Economic Development

Become More provides the education, training, and capital necessary to transform Skinny Cows to Fat Cows in rural Cambodia. By helping families achieve a 5X return on investment, they are able to save, climb out of extreme poverty, and begin the climb towards prosperity. As families make the climb, they extend additional first-step opportunities to other families in their community – leading to perpetual development.

Escaping the Poverty Trap

In extreme poverty, families often lack the means to improve their circumstances or save for the future. Become More offers a pathway to prosperity through our transformative Fat Cow Program. Our initiative equips participants with education, training, and the necessary capital to establish a Fat Cow Family Farm at their household. 

Before providing families with cows, we first build cow stables, dig wells, administer vaccinations, and provide enough nutritious feed to ensure that they can succeed. We also provide ongoing animal husbandry education and breeding at our community ranch.

Our Fat Cow model results in decreased mortality rates, earlier reproduction ages, shorter gestational periods, increased calf birth weights, and a doubling of the number of calves produced. The combined impact of our Fat Cow model produces a 5X return on investment, empowering families to escape extreme poverty through savings – the key instrument of economic development. 

As families make the climb towards prosperity they set into motion a perpetual process whereby other families are also able to benefit from the Fat Cow program. Join the movement by helping to set this process in motion. Donate a Fat Cow Family Farm today!



Vaccinations: No

Daily Time Requirement: 4+ Hours

Breeding Age: 4 Years

Gestational Period: 20 Months

4-Year Survival Rate: 58%

Average Adult Weight: 245 kg

Total Number of Offspring Produced: <6

Return on Investment: LOW


Vaccinations: Yes

Daily Time Requirement: 30 Minutes

Breeding Age: 2 Years

Gestational Period: 9.5 Months

4-Year Survival Rate: 98%

Average Adult Weight: 585 kg

Total Number of Offspring Produced: 12

Return on Investment: HIGH (5X higher than Skinny Cow)