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Economic Development Through the Fat Cow Program

In the heart of rural Cambodia, where economic hardships define the daily lives of many, the Fat Cow Program by Become More Charity serves as a beacon of hope and transformation.

This initiative is not just about providing livestock; it’s about turning minimal resources into sustainable wealth.

By converting undernourished “Skinny Cows” into thriving “Fat Cows,” we empower Cambodian families to not only survive but prosper. The program provides these families with a tangible asset that grows in value, yielding a return on investment that quintuples their initial stake and catapults them out of poverty.


  • Preparation and Training: We begin by building essential infrastructure such as stables and wells, ensuring a robust foundation for the cows’ health and productivity.

  • Education on Animal Husbandry: Ongoing training at our community ranch covers everything from breeding to disease prevention, equipping families with the knowledge to maximize their investment.
  • Economic Impact: Our comprehensive approach results in healthier cows and shorter breeding cycles, effectively increasing both the quantity and quality of livestock, which translates to greater financial returns.

Give to the Fat Cow Program!


With the Program:

  • Infrastructure Support: Provides cow stables and digs wells before introducing livestock.
  • Healthcare and Nutrition: Ensures all cows receive vaccinations and a nutritious diet, increasing productivity and survival rates.
  • Educational Training: Offers ongoing education in animal husbandry, enhancing family knowledge and capabilities.
  • Economic Growth: Families achieve a fivefold return on investment, helping them climb out of poverty.

Without the Program:

  • Lack of Infrastructure: Families often lack the basic infrastructure needed for livestock rearing.
  • Minimal Healthcare: Cows are prone to diseases and low productivity due to insufficient healthcare.
  • Limited Knowledge: Families lack access to advanced farming and animal care knowledge.
  • Stagnant Economic Condition: Little to no improvement in economic status, continuing the cycle of poverty.


At the core of the Fat Cow Program is a commitment to sustainability—ensuring that the benefits today extend into the future. Here’s how we make it happen:

  • Community Reinvestment: Each cow given under the program contributes to the future by providing offspring, known as Karma Cows. These are then passed to other families, perpetuating the cycle of prosperity.
  • Lasting Impact: As families thrive, they help others do the same, enhancing economic stability and fostering a communal spirit of growth and support.
  • Continual Return on Investment: Every dollar invested in the Fat Cow Program is sustained within the system, ensuring that the initial impact continues to generate life-changing benefits in Cambodia. This cycle of reinvestment enhances the longevity and effectiveness of the program.

This model ensures that the success of one family catalyzes the welfare of others, creating a self-sustaining cycle that enhances the entire community’s economic health.


Changing Lives, One Cow at a Time

When you support the Fat Cow Family Farm, you’re not just donating; you’re kickstarting a cycle of prosperity that reaches far beyond a single family:

  • Community Empowerment: Each successful Fat Cow operation becomes a model and motivator for other families, demonstrating tangible paths out of poverty.
  • Sustainable Development: As more families join the program, the cumulative effect is a robust, self-reliant community with a thriving local economy.
  • Educational Opportunities: Profits from Fat Cow operations often fund children’s education, leading to generational uplift and breaking the cycle of poverty.