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Leave a Legacy

What will your legacy be? We invite you to empower an entire village in rural Cambodia to climb out of extreme poverty and achieve a more prosperous future. Leave a legacy that will impact an entire village for generations to come!

The most valuable thing we take with us is the impact we leave behind…

Adopt a Village

The Become More Prosperity Model empowers entire villages to climb from poverty to prosperity. Our proven model addresses critical needs related to health, education, and economic development. We invite you to get involved by adopting an entire village, or donating towards a specific area of interest. Adopting a village costs $1M and includes all of the health, education, and fat cow family farms needed to provide a sustainable foundation. If adopting an entire village is not right for you, we invite you to consider sponsoring our health, education, or Fat Cow programs – critical components to a successful model.

     KHMER ADMIN: $29k (in-country leaders)

     U.S. ADMIN: $0

     FAT COWS: $500K

     EDUCATION: $345K

     HEALTH: $126K



The Become More Prosperity Model is intentionally designed to be sustainable – empowering families to achieve savings, while continuing to bless the lives of additional families throughout the same village.

What does sponsoring health, education, fat cow family farms, or an entire village include?


  1. Access to safe drinking water (bio-sand filtration systems) for everyone in the village.
  2. School bathrooms (3)
  3. Handwashing stations
  4. Dentalcare
  5. Feminine Hygiene
  6. Prenatal vitamins


  1. Access to primary school for all children
  2. Financial literacy at primary schools
  3. Become More English school programs and teachers

Fat Cow Family Farms:

  1. Fat Cow Family Farms (50)
  2. Community Ranch and Breeding
  3. Ongoing education and training

Once all 50 Fat Cow Family Farms are up and running, the village is 3 years away from being sustainable. Fat Cows are used to continue funding the health and education needs of the village, while continuing to expand and provide more families with the opportunity to experience prosperity.

Join the movement and together we can do more, give more, and Become More!

Adopt Village

Offline Donations

To make an offline donation, please use the bank wiring information or check instructions below.
Your tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated!


Bank: Wells Fargo
Bank Address: 420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94104
Wire Routing Number: 121000248
Direct Deposit/ACH Routing Number: 124002971
Bank Account Number: 5516657045

Beneficiary Account Name: Become More


Send check to: Become More
Address:  172 N East Promontory, Suite 300 Farmington, UT 84025
Please make sure to write the check payable to: BECOME MORE.