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Fulfillment Trips

Come with us to Cambodia. You will never be the same (in a good way)!

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Fulfillment Trips

Join us on a 8-day Fulfillment Trip where you will take an active role in helping to promote rural development in one of our sponsor villages.


Trip Group Members: To participate in a Become More Fulfillment Trip, you must put together your own group (12 – 22 people).


Trip Cost: $3,500 per person +Airfare


2024 TRIP DATES (Remaining): 

May 10 – 18

August 9 – 17

September 13 – 21

November 1 – 9

November 15 – 23

December 20 – 28 (Christmas Trip)


2025 TRIP DATES (Remaining): 

February 5 – 15 (dental trip)

May 9 – 27

July 11 – 19

September 5 – 13

November 7 – 15


For more information on how to book your Fulfillment Trip, please email:

Life Changing Experiences for:

Young Adults

Embark on a transformative journey of service with our fulfillment trip to Cambodia! As young adults, this unique experience will profoundly impact your perspective, fostering gratitude and consciousness for the world around you. Engaging in meaningful projects alongside local communities, you’ll witness the resilience and challenges faced by those affected by poverty, instilling a deeper appreciation for life’s blessings. By working hand-in-hand with local initiatives, you’ll develop a sincere desire to make the world a better place. This life-changing adventure will equip you with empathy, compassion, and a renewed commitment to create positive change in our global community. Join us today and unlock your potential to be an agent of meaningful impact and transformation.


Is your family seeking greater fulfillment? Join our Fulfillment trips for a life-changing 10-day experience that will leave a lasting impact. With groups of 12-22, embark on a service-oriented journey to Cambodia that will bring your family closer together and ignite gratitude and compassion in your hearts. By working alongside local communities, you’ll witness the challenges of those living in poverty, fostering a deeper appreciation for life’s blessings. Through meaningful service projects, you’ll strengthen family bonds while creating a positive impact on others’ lives. Create lasting memories and work towards making the world a better place together on this transformative adventure!

Corporate Groups

Are you seeking a profound and fulfilling experience for your corporate group to improve company culture? Look no further! Join our transformative fulfillment trip designed to bring positive change to your organization. This unique journey offers a remarkable opportunity for corporate groups to come together, develop strong bonds, and ignite a sense of gratitude and empathy. Through impactful projects and community engagement in Cambodia, you’ll witness the challenges faced by those in need, gaining a deeper appreciation for teamwork and shared values. Together, let’s enhance your company culture, create a more united team, and make a meaningful impact on the world.

Fulfillment Trip Scholarship

Embrace boundless opportunities to experience the life-changing power of our fulfillment trips, regardless of financial constraints. We passionately believe in making personal growth, meaningful connections, and fulfillment accessible to all. With our special funding programs, you can unlock the doors to this transformative journey, turning dreams into reality. Moreover, when you sponsor others, you’ll be spreading the magic of positive change, empowering them to embark on their own inspiring adventures. Let’s unite in creating a world where possibilities know no limits, and hearts overflow with gratitude and hope. Join us today and be a part of the Become More movement!

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Cambodia FAQ

What language is spoken in Cambodia?

Khmer is the official language of the country, spoken by nearly 90% of the population.

Is English spoken in Cambodia?

Aside from hospitality and tourism employees, few people will speak English.

Do I need a visa to travel to Cambodia?

Yes, a tourist visa is required for Canadian and American passport holders. A pre-arranged e-visa is the best option, but a visa can also be obtained on arrival.

Is Wi-Fi readily available?

Wi-Fi is readily available in major cities, but it may be slow and there may be a fee to use Wi-Fi in public areas.

Can I use my cell phone in Cambodia?

We suggest you check with your cellular provider to know what your options are, as you might be able to get an affordable roaming plan.

Is it safe to drink the tap water?

Water quality varies from region to region in Cambodia and we do not suggest you drink it. It’s best to stick to filtered water, which can be found in hotels and restaurants.

What are the bathroom facilities like?

Western-style and Asian-style squat toilets can be found in public bathrooms. It is recommended you bring your own tissues and hand sanitizer as they are not normally provided. Some public facilities may charge a small fee.

When is the best time to travel to Cambodia?

The country is warm all year round, but the cool season from November to February is the peak season and is considered to be the best time to visit due to its mild temperatures. From March to May it is much hotter, but still good to travel. The rainy season is from June to October.

Is Cambodia family-friendly?

Cambodia is a family-friendly destination, although geared towards adventurous families. Head on a cycling tour of the Angkor Archaeological Park, take a boat ride on Tonle Sap Lake, watch the Cambodian Pare Circus, or escape to a beach resort for some water activities.