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Increase Prosperity

Empowering families to escape extreme poverty and climb towards prosperity…

3 Pillars of Prosperity

Health: Access to safe drinking water, dentalcare, prenatal vitamins, and feminine hygiene creation the foundation for healthy living.

Education: Access to school, financial literacy, and English learning increase the opportunities for the next generation.

Economic Development: Our Fat Cow program empowers families by providing a 5X ROI, creating savings, the key instrument of economic development. As families make the climb towards prosperity, they create additional first-step opportunities for other families in their village to benefit from the process.

The Become More health, education, and our Fat Cow programs are combined into a single formula and implemented in targeted villages in rural Cambodia – yielding powerful results!

Pillars of Prosperity



Economic Development

Experience the Formula

The Become More difference is easy to see by playing our Skinny Cow and Fat Cow games.

Skinny Cow represents traditional living in rural Cambodia. By incorporating income, food expense, cultural weddings/funerals, animal husbandry efforts, education, and even karma – players attempt to maximize household profit by making decisions related to education and raising cows. Outcomes have been statistically determined for each factor. Winning this game is extremely unlikely.

Fat Cow represents living in rural Cambodia in a Become More sponsored village. All of the same factors included in Skinny Cow are included in Fat Cow, however the likelihood of specific events occurring changes. Outcomes have been adjusted for specific factors related to health, education, cultural events, and cows – in connection with Become More initiatives. The advantages of playing Fat Cow quickly become apparent.

Online version of Skinny Cow and Fat Cow will be available soon.