Lysa Chhay

Cambodia – Program Manager

Lysa is a strong leader, talented speaker, and inspiring example of a successful and strong Cambodian woman. She has experience working as a pre-school teacher and as an academic officer. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in international relations. Lysa is passionate about promoting education and helping to eliminate barriers that prevent children from attending and completing school. She understands that when children are educated, they have far-greater opportunities throughout their lives. Having spent time with families operating small-scale farms in rural Cambodia, she has a particular focus on removing obstacles to education for girls. She is a strong advocate of higher education, where earning a university degree can drastically improve economic opportunity. She is an advocate for positive social change and actively promotes gender equality. She hopes to improve the current conditions in Cambodia for future generations.

Lysa is passionate about learning, communicating, and helping those in need. She studies various cultures throughout the world and is highly proficient in language learning – speaking Khmer, English, and Chinese. Lysa also loves listening to classical and pop music.