Ben Roberts

Board Member

Ben is the COO & Co-founder of LoanPro Software, as well as a serial Entrepreneur. Over his career, he has co-owned and operated more than a dozen varied and successful business entities. The experience of starting and growing a business before even graduating high school taught Ben that with a good idea, the courage to work hard, and the right partners, there’s nothing that couldn’t be accomplished. He cares deeply about people and has always demonstrated a passion for perfecting the Customer Journey. Ben is responsible for building LoanPro’s Customer Experience Department which provides thousands of hours of Lending Consulting each month and the department has led the lending core conversion of Fortune 500 companies, fintech goliaths, the world’s top Partner Banks, and some of the most forward-thinking lenders in the marketplace. Ben has led LoanPro to an unheard-of customer satisfactions NPS score of 92.

Ben is driven by a genuine care for others and the desire to create and share unforgettable experiences. Become More embodies Ben’s passion to serve and lift others and has allowed him to focus his energy on building a pathway for personal growth and opportunity. Become More, and all the businesses that led to its’ creation, have been family affairs. Ben and his wife, Trina, are the proud parents of 5 children, all of whom believe in working hard and playing harder. They love to have adventures and bring others along with them to share in the fun. Ben and his family are thrilled to set out on a new adventure with Become More.